Fiery Remote Scan

Fiery Remote Scan 6.5

Shares the DocuSCAN device and its functions on the network
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6.5.12 (See all)
Retrieve scans from the mailboxes of the DocuColor 240/25 or EXP250 devices from the network. Incorporates the Common Utilities and Remote Scan Folder.

Fiery Scan incorporates the Fiery controller as a key element of network and distribution scanning. Scans can be initiated remotely or at the Fiery, and stored on the Fiery’s hard drive. The user can then distribute the scans via email to any email account around the world, download the file directly to the Fiery Hold queue to build documents, or save the scanned file directly to the PC. Scans can also be retrieved via the Fiery WebTools utility, local Fiery interface (FACI), or TWAIN plug-in. The Fiery Scan application consists of two components: a server module that resides on the Fiery and manages scans on the Fiery, and a TWAIN plug-in module (Fiery Remote Scan) for use with compatible applications to allow remote retrieval of scan files from the Fiery for distribution or acquisition.

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